Who we are

We are a non-traditional Christian School located in San Antonio, Texas.  We offer our students personalized instruction, one on one, based on their own learning style.  Our system offers advantages that traditional schools cannot offer.  Each student, guided by a tutor,  learns at his/her own pace, allowing us to strengthen on different areas according to students’s needs.


The mission of The Lighthouse Christian School  is to offer our students an excellent Christ-centered education program in a caring and nourishing environment to help them achieve their God-given potential, not only spiritually but academically.



The Lighthouse Christian School vision is to be a non-traditional school, that  is highly recognized  for its academic excellence and for its strong Christian values.


  • Devotion to Christ
  • Excellence in Education
  • Loving and Caring Environment
  • Appreciation
  • Recognition
Our Philosophy

At the Lighthouse Christian School, we know that students face day to day challenges.  Our objective is to offer a personalized instruction, one on one, based on their own learning style.

Each student, guided by his tutor, learns at his own pace, allowing us to strengthen on different areas according to student’s needs, or on the contrary, advance at a pace that allows him to finish early.  This method has allowed our students to graduate early and start college at age of fifteen.

We offer an environment free of bullying, where children aren’t exposed to peer pressure of non-christian beliefs.



The Lighthouse Christian School is preparing the next generation of leaders to meet the great challenges of the 21st century.

We believe in the importance of leadership skill development.   Leadership instills confidence, develops responsibility,  to be problem solvers, self motivated to take the initiative, and help them achieve their goals in life.

Computer Science

The Lighthouse Christian School focuses on the importance of computer science education in this digital age.

It’s not just important for students who pursue a career in Technology, but it’s fundamental for all students, since the majority of fields of study require either software, design apps, coding or programming.  Studying this technology will also develop critical learning skills.

Personalized Learning

We are a Christian School dedicated and with a passion to educate children with excellence, designing a personalized academic program for each student according to their learning style.

There are many testimonials of students who had serious problems in other schools, and now they are doing well and enjoying learning.

When a new students register at our school,  we make sure they have a strong foundation.  If their foundation is not strong, we review all the basics at the same time we advance at their level grade.


High School Graduation

The Lighthouse Christian School is proud of their high school graduates.  A full 100% of our graduates are accepted into 4-year colleges.

We prepare them for college test, help them find grants and scholarships, and guide them through the admission process.

The Importance of Christian Education

We strongly believe in Christian Education.  I have personally seen how greatly the word of God has impacted the lives of so many students and has also helped many christian students stay strong in their spiritual walk with God.

Offering our children a Christian Education will enable us and parents, to see the joy that the Bible describes so well in 3 John 4.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth.


Our School offers parents a safe emotional and spiritual environment where the children are not exposed to bullying, profanity, rebellion in the classroom, violence and all kind of bad influences.

Having this safe environment, encourages our students to do better at school, have more self-steem and find good friends.

Our Facilities

Located at Piedras Preciosas del Reino Church, students find the perefect balance between study, prayer and fun.