What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a system that combines a digital curriculum with one-on-one instruction.  Our digital platform with more than 150 courses, both core and elective subjects,  equips students for the challenges of 21st Century.  The combination of digital technology with highly qualified teachers provides our students with an integral education, granting students to advance at their own pace and accelerate in areas where they master the concepts and go slower with a more-in-depth didactic support in areas that are more challenging to them.  Blended Learning at The Lighthouse Christian School ensures academic SUCCESS for every student!

Digital Curriculum

  • Personalized Curriculum for every student
  • Highly interactive lessons
  • Newly designed courses for 21st century challenges
  • Student take ownership of their education
  • Innovative programs designed to keep students engaged and motivated
  • Digital platform is available across USA and abroad.


  • Students are able to learn at any time, any place, empowering students to take ownership of their education
  • Communication through digital platform
  • Offering AP Classes, Career and Technical Education courses
  • Credit Recovery Academic Program for at-risk High School Students
  • All year-round enrollment
  • Online Flexible Schedule available 24 hours

Bilingual Education

  • Equipping students with a bilingual education in English and Spanish
  • Instruction provided by qualified bilingual teachers
  • Digital Curriculum provides our students with a unique personalized bilingual program
  • High School Diploma recognized by colleges in USA, Mexico and abroad.
  • Ample experience in bilingual academic mentoring
  • Many years teaching Hispanic students
Successful Program

Many years of experience, preparing the next generation to SUCCEED in college.  90% of our high schoolers are accepted in 4 years University in the United States and abroad.  Testimonies of our students confirm that our students excel in college with high GPA.