TLCS Home School Ministry

TLCS Home School Ministry

We’d love to partner with your family, to ensure that your home school experience is successful and fulfilling.

Umbrella TLCS Home School Ministry

The Lighthouse Christian School umbrella Home School Ministry Program, for Grades 1st to 12th provides assistance to Christian families in their home school ministry. We assist you with bookkeeping process, achievement testing, help finding the appropriate curriculum for your children to their learning style, tutoring in all subjects.

20 years experience tutoring home schooled children in San Antonio. We have successfully assist many high school students graduate and enroll them at college. We assist them finding  scholarships.

* Flexible schedules
* Record keeping
* College test Prep for ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER, CLEP
* Personalized tutoring one-on-one
* Dual credit classes

We’d love to partner with your family, to help ensure that your home school experience is successful and fulfilling.

TLCS Home School Ministry

Missing High School credits for graduation

Public high-schoolers, are you missing some credits to graduate from high school?

We are here to help you!

Bullying and Violence at School

Don’t expose your children to bullying and violence in schools.  Homeschooling offers children a safe and encouraging environment where kids work and learn for knowledge, instead of grades, and helps them have ownership of their education.

Tailored Learning

Homeschool is focused on your children as individuals, and gives them more opportunities for moral character training, personal responsability and polite behavior.

Advantages of Homeschooling

Some of the advantages of homeschooling include:

  • Recent academic studies report that on average, homeschoolers score above the national average on standarized tests and SAT.
  • Education is focused on training the student’s moral character.
  • Students can freely use technology as part of their educational progress, making it more interesting and fun.
  • Families may have a more flexible schedule for traveling, field trips, community service programs,  and projects.